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Quite simply GMR provides the best leads and appointments for commercial insurance professionals.  Think of us as the best sales assistance you've ever had.

We have decades of combined experience with a very talented pool of employees.  Each executive and key employee was employed as a P&C call center professional at one point in their job history.  We know what it takes to help producers get in front of new business prospects to make sales. 

In this day and age top sales professionals should be able to rely on a top sales assistance force to help get them in front of new prospects.  

You help us target the prospects.  We make the calls.  You make the sales.  It's that simple!

GMR - Guaranteed Marketing Resource
8251 La Palma Ave, #443
Buena Park, CA 90620

Phone: 714-735-8502
     Fax: 714-459-7090

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